Creating is a unique process for every artist. On this page, you will find all the things that are my process. Many things feed my process. Music, adventure and experiences are among the top. My challenge to myself is to be fearless in creating. Fear holds holds people back. It holds artists back when creating. To gain this freedom, I face every fear I encounter head-on. This has led me to a greater self-awareness than I had thought possible. It has also led me on more than a few hilarious adventures. 

Daily Photography Journal

In Action

What if…

I began to wonder what would happen if I combined everything I love into a series of Art. I am not talking about that substantial love, rather I am talking about things I love that are more tangible. For instance, I love my mostly Buddhist philosophies. Another might be that I am enchanted with the idea of cave paintings. I could spend hour on archaeology, ciphers, watercolors ...

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Remy my little demon dog.


Music is at the core of my creative process. Often I use it as a tool to sort though my emotions. It also sets the mood for me when I am making art.

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