Photography Journal

My photography journal started out as just a photo o day (POD) for one year. Then a blog got added some days. It has turned into a photography journal of my life. You never know what you will find my day taught me.

What if…
I began to wonder what would happen if I combined everything I love into a series of Art. I am Read more.
Photography, Painting, Drawing and Flowers
It starts with flowers. Every time I want to learn a new technique or improve upon a technique it starts Read more.
That is all I got?!
There is only one complaint that I have about my Olympus camera. When left on the battery will drain.  On Read more.
It’s a Messy World
I have been unmotivated to be on Facebook. This is a new one for me. Since the election, maybe even Read more.
Oh, It’s gone.
Photographers document things. It is what we do. In any type of photo, we take we are documenting the item, Read more.
Thank You, Nature.
Yesterday morning, I woke up to see the loveliest colors behind a naked tree. Naked trees are my favorite thing Read more.
The Moon
The moon shot is not a difficult one. If you have little or no cloud cover, a bright moon and Read more.
For the love of Oh
I love the word oh. It is not about the letter at all. Every time see a picture I want Read more.
This wonderful Halloween day, I could start of saying I see dead people. There are times at my house that Read more.
Shoot, Shoot and Re-shoot
I thought this photo was supposed to be shot at night. I have taken a photo here too many times Read more.
And still I think….
Milwaukee has been lackluster on fall colors this year. It has been spotty at best. Michigan City was much nicer Read more.
Michigan City, oh the dunes!
Yesterday I took a day for myself. I went to Michigan City, IN.  Michigan City had been on my list Read more.
Where the wind (or Facebook friends) take me
Sometimes a plan works out better than you think it will. Today is the day I am going to Michigan Read more.
Help Me?
I need a photo roaming day. I need a ten-hour slot of time to photo roam. I vow to find Read more.
I used to draw these type of little guys all the time. I had notebooks full of them. No two Read more.
Oh good lord, how I have fallen down. Much like stacks of cd’s used to. The fact is unlike my Read more.
Back to the Basics
I am feeling business-y today. Yesterday I took a moment to look at the items I need to accomplish by Read more.
Walking through and Opening Doors
The difference between walking through a door is vastly different than opening a door. The last several weeks I have focused Read more.
Coffee Me
During the day I only drink coffee that is iced. Cold, black and strong coffee is my poison. At night Read more.
The ongoing saga of my vision
Let’s start with some facts. Nothing is safe in my home. This picture is a scrub brush for dishes. I Read more.
Yesterday, I was asked my age. The person immediately guessed at 46. Yikes! That plus the readers the day before Read more.
Complete Vision Meltdown
I am reading books right now on statistical outliers of successful people. I am also reading a book about the Read more.
See that door, I just went through it.
There is only one way to move forward. If a door presents itself, you walk through it. Sometimes you see Read more.
My belief is that experiences make the person and the artist. Trying new techniques, papers, or methods are all experiences. Read more.
I am officially past the release of Cheese Curls in Vietnam.  It is a rush. The written word creation is Read more.
Intentionally Blurry
I am working on Cheese Curls In Vietnam. It is the final touches to my first self-published book that need Read more.
This, that and the allergies
Every few years the allergies hit me in a weird way. The irritation goes straight to my ears. It causes Read more.
2 4 1 kinda Day
It’s a two for one kinda day. You see these daisies? I love these daisies. I found a Zubat on Read more.
Black Cat Alley
I strongly believe in supporting ideas that encourage Milwaukee to be a bigger art city. Black Cat Alley is one Read more.
Addicting Games Aside …Sorta
Last night I spent several hours at the lake front with a friend. South Shore has really cleaned up nicely. Read more.
No Playground Activities?!?
The best reminder I could have had to play through life came yesterday. Pokémon Go was meant to break a Read more.
Pokemon Go & Artistic Ruts
Being in a rut is the worst thing that can happen to a photographer. I recognize ruts and I agonize Read more.
After No Sleep
I regret not drinking a whiskey and coke. Sleep might have been less elusive. This is a little bottle of Read more.
Dream On
Dream On is one of my all-time favorite songs. In my younger years I sat in a Willow Tree and Read more.
Sometimes it takes a cousin
This picture was born out of frustration. None of my photos for yesterday were any good. So I took a Read more.
Do Dads and What Nots
A girl has to get her mind off of reality sometimes. Wait, no it is not reality I am getting Read more.
Minimal has been the most ignored word of the weekend, except for yesterday’s POD. I had nothing planned for the Read more.
Bunnies, luck, fear and maybe some tequila
I am going to have babies; bunnies that is. In particular, this one rabbit has been in my yard every Read more.
Vietnamese Coffee AKA Coffeegasm
Yesterday, I made my first attempt at making Vietnamese style coffee. Technically speaking, I was told that this particular kind/style Read more.
I have a fascination with Frank Lloyd Wright. Wingspread has quickly become my favorite. Architecture does not do much for Read more.
Cashews and Walnuts – Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam
I had a list ready for Vietnam, things to do that related to my Dad somehow. The Cu Chi tunnels Read more.
When all else fails
Yesterday, I delayed in getting my coffee. As a result, I ended up at a different coffee place. In front Read more.
E Flat A, but not A
I am that person who used to donate all my books to the library. Each year I would take anywhere Read more.
I got spanked and slapped by this camera. Love it!
I got spanked and slapped by my new camera. The Olympus E-M1 is turning my world upside down. Let me Read more.
Sorry for the boredom
I am putting a new camera through the paces. I need to get to know this camera in a hurry Read more.
Color Calibration … I am so sorry
I have two monitors. I could switch over to just one large one but I won’t. One monitor is color Read more.
Blowing off the routine
This blog has nothing to do with this picture. Today I blew off my routine. Yes, I have a routine. Read more.
Time and Influences
I made it through February without my normal funk. I was shouting the word Daisies in my head a ton Read more.
Rainbows on the pavement
In past blogs I have talked about these magical puddles of rainbows. I may never look at them the same Read more.
Trying out other styles is a basic need of mine. You can try out any style of art with any Read more.
Storm Trooper Melting
Have you even had the “oh duh” moment? A friend of mine posted and tagged me in a picture of Read more.
Educated Possibilities
I have never gotten a tattoo and almost passed out … Until this weekend. I wanted to see it so Read more.
I know that this is really tomorrows blog but I am feeling it now so I am going to write Read more.
Remy’s Reminder
Remy has been the center of attention one to many times. She has a message today. At least she did Read more.
Rustic Roads
One of the little joys I have in roaming around for photographic material for my mixed media; Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads. Read more.
Beer and Creatives
Imagine this; a cozy bar(a member of Local First Milwaukee with a rocking bartender), a bunch of creatives and some Read more.
My city invaded farmland
I like to wander. I would much rather roam aimlessly than have a plan. Plans ruin the excitment of the Read more.
My Mammogram: An adventure?
In case you are new to me or this blog, I am going to start out by telling you several Read more.
A well laid path
It is just barely the end of January.  Already my well laid plan for the year has been changed up Read more.
Wherever you go there you are
You never know what you will find where you are either. It was a simple stop after being out doing Read more.
February is coming.
It is so close to February. I dislike February. It seems like my creativity is at its lowest. Inspiration is Read more.
And the light goes on
Lightbulbs are a fabulous symbol of ideas. This jumbled mess really made me think of how my ideas are jumbled. Read more.
Colors I do Not Like
Today’s blog is like this painting. I have to write it just as I had to do this painting. Some Read more.
Special Puddles
Special Puddles only happen once in a while. They are rare. If you get them on the right day at Read more.
My List of Ten
I have slacked off on my list of ten. For those of you who do not know what that list Read more.
I got nothing
Honestly, I got nothing. Yesterday was such an intense day of amazing conversations. It was so intense I had nightmares Read more.
Naked trees and the art of self sabotage
Trees shed their mask every single year. They leave (no pun intended, maybe) their branches bear for the world to Read more.
City of Milwaukee Flag
This is a topic that is near and dear to me.  Wednesday at MKECreatives we had Steve Kodis come in Read more.
Sometimes there is a price to pay
Being too nice, being trusting and being compassionate seem at times to be in short supply in the world today. Read more.
Vietnam and Fears
I had some anxiety about  this trip. I was a bit worried about balancing my fears (yes, I have them) Read more.
Addictive Personalities
I know that I have an addictive personality. It is one of the reasons I try to have rules about Read more.
Bright Spots
I have reached a point where even I roll my eyes at the life vs photography lessons. I almost wanted Read more.
Ghosts in the City
This city and this state are filled with ghosts for me. This park is one of the few where there Read more.
Manty Ellis at the Jazz Gallery
Milwaukee has many hidden gems. At least for me. I no longer get lulled into this false sense of security Read more.
Mr. Goodbar – It is the miniature things in life.
It is a fact that Mr. Goodbar is the best miniature of the Hershey Miniatures. It takes just a miniature Read more.
Taking a different angle
Photographers are told repeatedly to get a different angle. We are supposed to tell the story in a new and Read more.
Light Blurs and Hula Hoops
There is something about hula hooping. It soothes the soul for me. I like to spend time with the hula Read more.
This week I have been thinking about things that fall. It is a continuation of the watercolor I am working Read more.
Ok, when I said I was going back to basics yesterday I had no idea it would be a rainy Read more.
Back to Basics
I was looking for a profound statement from Remy yesterday. Instead, I had to steal her bone and tease her Read more.
Honor Guard
I have been absent from the blog for a bit here. It is never easy to get back to life Read more.
The Great Pumpkin
Let me just start out with, this blog was almost a disaster. It was almost the most tangled clichéd up Read more.
Bengala Dye
In the never ending quest to try out new (and easier) products, we have Bengala Dye. Lisa England Walker, a Read more.
What can I say?
I keep re-typing this blog. I actually do not know what I CAN say. This boat should have made a Read more.
Sometimes you need a match…Not a flamethrower
IF this is not the worst picture ever, I have no idea which one is. It is a mess. It Read more.
My Frenchie Gets Married
My stepson and I, recently went to Canada for a friend’s wedding.  My stepson and I met her 7 or Read more.
Because I am not a criminal
There are times I have been caught trespassing. I have always had my camera and the nice police officers have Read more.
Float Milwaukee – A fear is nothing but a challenge to face it.
Several weeks ago a friend tweeted out a blog that really just freaked me out. It was about Float Milwaukee, Read more.
It’s a two for one blog
I would love to tell you that this blog has double the value; what it has, is two photos. I will Read more.
I got schooled, by my Pops!
No, really he schooled me. He figured out how to use the Nikon D7000 in monochrome mode. I thought shooting Read more.
Cautiously Optimistic
For weeks now the colors red, black and white have been dancing around my brain. It is as if they Read more.
Mess Day
I have declared today to be mess day. I want messes everywhere. Maybe, it is because I was up at Read more.
How I keep my cool
This picture says it all. I might not have enough time in the day, but I find my time for Read more.
  I am pretty sure I have not shared a story behind a work with the blog. I thought for Read more.
Nice People Rule …. Be a nice person.
In the last several years, this has been a big theme, in my life. Nice people rule is not how Read more.
The Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts
When I was asked to go to the 3rd Annual Guitar Showdown I had no idea what to expect. What Read more.
It’s A BLT Pizza!
I am a pizza fanatic. I could eat pizza every single day. This is not a great picture, but, it Read more.
The Trick to Photography and Life
Every time I post a picture like this I get asked how I got it. This is a big deep Read more.
I’m back!
I am back. I am here. I have missed the blog. There comes a point in life, you must take Read more.
And so it is done.
Sometimes, I am convinced; my art knows what I need and when I need it before I do. This is Read more.
Inspirations Studios and Roberto Carlos Rosado del Valle
Right now at this very moment, in my car, sits a painting. I had to leave it the car last Read more.
Life Is Busy
I still find time to continue learning about the “characters” in the art world. Visiting the Albright Knox Museum in Read more.
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo NY Visiting cemeteries has long been a hobby of mine. I visit them because they have so much history. It Read more.
Creating a Series – 5 steps
This spot has shown up in the POD numerous times. It has become a series. I never intended that. It Read more.
Using my Pops – A little photography education
He will tell you that I was yelling at him and calling him names when getting this shot. Lucky for Read more.
Horicon Marsh & the Turtle
Most times when I go to Horicon Marsh the marsh is the star of the show. Yesterday the turtle was Read more.
The Moment That Reminds You
I have several pieces of art that I have been working on for a long time. Each piece is only Read more.
If my schedule is not perfect, some things do not happen.  My perfect schedule starts at 6am. If I really Read more.
How my world is
I view the street corner as the way the world is. It used to be that these boxes got over Read more.
Pure Exhaustion
Inevitably, this blog gets me yelled at by someone somewhere. I find ways to be exhausted. I want to be Read more.
There is a little known series of work I have been working on for about a year. It is a Read more.
Mad Dash – 50 mini pieces one night
Sometimes I like to push myself a bit. Other times I just have ideas that seem insane but right. Two Read more.
Candy Dish!
Of all the small details in my life, my candy dish is my favorite. The tradition started when my Pops Read more.
Old Soul
That is what this guy calls me, amongst other things. If I am an old soul, it would help explain Read more.
Year 5 Begins: Here is to ALL of you!
As I head into year five of posting a photo o day I realize many things. I am simply not Read more.
Seize the moment
Opportunities present themselves all the time. They are everywhere. Photography teaches you that. It also teaches you that you have Read more.
That Voice
I had a picture lined up for yesterday. It was a nice picture. I had a blog idea for it Read more.
My Creepy Lemony Snicket Selfie
Reflection photography offers up an opportunity to get a selfie that I can respect. I was so excited that I Read more.
A Photographer’s Moment (Subtitle: Maybe Patience)
I wanted to race home and look at this one picture. I worked for this picture.  The moment I took Read more.
Stupid Flowers – I say this with joy.
I wanted a sunrise shoot. I really want Downtown Milwaukee pictures, actually. I really just want to be in control Read more.
Multi-tasking, tires and much more
Give me more goals that way I can accomplish more. Let me be creative in those goals so I can Read more.
5 Colors a day
Yup, it was that busy weekend where photography took a back seat so it is a dinner picture.  Which fits Read more.
Paint it Black
For such a colorful picture my title is really dark. I woke up this morning on the wrong side of Read more.
Finding the Magnificent
Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Flowers, rain storms, green grass and gusty windy days. I seized  the Read more.
The world knows
Stopping to smell the flowers is important. That is not what I was doing when I got this picture. I Read more.
Off The Grid
I recently learned a bit more about watercolor painting. I need to become at least proficient on the techniques rather Read more.
Ken Perenyi Makes Me Angry
So you can read about Ken Perenyi but it is more fun to look at his forgeries.  Picked this book Read more.
Not worthy of a title
I thought I had accidentally deleted this picture. I took it while taking pictures for the #MKECosplay5k. In fact, I Read more.
I have several days of blogs that have not been done. I have had a marathon run on photo shoots. Read more.
Photography has the power
There are times that I am in awe of the idea of photography. It is my opinion that no other Read more.
Fears, grooves and new things
  Disclaimer: Extremely brain drained today, sorry for any errors and such! 🙂 Sometimes you have to get out of Read more.
Destructive Forces
There are so many destructive forces in this world. The last few days I had to work at staying upbeat. Read more.
Cats, Milwaukee, Female Persons and the Dangers of Speed Dating
I had one job. One job to accomplish. All I had to do was find a place to do speed Read more.
Bad Ideas
Sometimes a bad idea can simmer and become and even worse idea. In retrospect the idea of blobbing paint on Read more.
Because I can
This picture has only two elements of software editing done to it. I sharpened it as far as I could Read more.
Jumping around like and unfocused idiot.
Nothing is ever really black and white. Rather it is many shades of gray. In fact it is white all Read more.
Plastic Painting – A guide
I think we all know I love trying new things that are creative. I also like to share how it Read more.
Photo Safari with Nick Kelsh
While in Orlando I had an opportunity to take a 4 hour photo safari with Nick Kelsh. I thought I Read more.
Cave Hill Cemetery
You never know what you will find when you decide to go to the unusual spots on a trip. There Read more.
The Unseen Mess
Upon returning home from Florida this acrylic and resin piece was finally finished drying. In the end I am very Read more.
Abstracts and Alligators
I always assumed that certain signs were more of a caution than a reality. While down in Florida with my Read more.
Lessons from the Dark Side
I do not get in touch with my darker side often with my photography or art. That has never been Read more.
Eye on the Target
Sometimes you have to keep your eye on the target. This part of a Target parking lot really caught my Read more.
Swimming a couple times a week, walking the dog a couple times a week, writing 5-10 blogs a week, consulting, Read more.
Hair – Nothing to profound sorry!
So, Get it done March comes to an end. To the gals who tagged along with me I raise this Read more.
The joy I find in puddles is ridiculous. Remy and I both love to stomp through them.  I also love Read more.
How Buckaroo Banzai Changed Me
Take a trip back to 1984. The year of Star Trek III, Indian Jones something or other, and of course Read more.
No Hoarders Live Here
My get it done March has had a few rewards along the way. I did not see this coming. I Read more.
The Picnic Table
This picnic table has seen a few lives. It was brown. It was weather worn. It was gray. It has Read more.
On track yet derailed
My get it done March list is down to 5 things.  I am pretty happy about that. I have ten Read more.
Splat – Egg Armageddon
Egg Armageddon is complete. There is video proof even. I linked it at the end. This was messy. I did Read more.
One word, cracked, one tiny little word that says so many things. It is Friday, as on most Fridays I Read more.
Not adding to the list, exactly
I am so lucky to have heard from a bunch of you the things you are getting done this month. Read more.
Guest Photographer: William Zuback
Ok, so Mr. Zuback does not know he is a guest photographer.  I might tell him later today. This is Read more.
So many details, 1 Blog
I have had a huge week. I have exciting news I am hoping to share with you all on the Read more.
Running out of terrifying things!
Pretty soon I am going to be left with only Remy’s help in get it done March terrifying me.  I Read more.
Actions Speak Louder
In my haste to get it all done in March and eliminate my to-do list I almost did not have Read more.
Glass Negative and the Get it Done List
I updated my March get it done list. I updated it by crossing two things off of it and by Read more.
I am curious by nature. I think most artists are. Oil painting seemed like the next logical endeavor. I learned Read more.
Just Smile
The benefits of a smile can’t be quantified. If you need a few here; it lowers your heart rate, increases Read more.
Today my camera taught me about St. Francis
You learn so much by being a photographer. You end up in conversations you would never have had if not Read more.
I give up, no I give in. No, I alter my course.
Sunflowers are a symbol of faith and happiness. That works for me. I have to be happy with the VLOG Read more.
Remy, the comfort doggy
Once again I have to apologize for not being current on blogs. I think it is safe to say in Read more.
Green Bay Greatness
I am not a sports kind of gal. However, you can’t live in Wisconsin and not love the Packers. Just Read more.
Joyfully Created
The artists/creative types I love the best are the joyful ones, the ones who have fun with it. What I Read more.
Not so bad, kinda fun
Completing the Mensa test yesterday was extraordinary. It got me thinking in a way I have never thought before. I Read more.
Who doesn’t like to be spoiled just a little? Today, I will spoil Remy, again. I will pay for that Read more.
I have done some dumb things
I love graphic novels. Typically things I love I have a decent collection of.  This is not the case with Read more.
Nice People Rule
I am stealing that line for someone I see who uses it on Twitter. It is a great line. Nice Read more.
T -3 days till the Mensa test day. I like to be prepared for everything I do. I reached a Read more.
This is a wood burning stove. It is a huge one. I love that even the wood burning stove can Read more.
The Last Two, Thankfully
I did edit one of these. It needed it. All of them needed it. I refrained. I will do this Read more.
Dutch Tilt: Day Three of Film
Life is tilted. When I shot with film in my younger days I had no idea what a Dutch Tilt Read more.
Everything in its time: Day 2 of Film
I have this belief that everything happens when it is supposed to. Time needs to pass to make paint peel. Read more.
For the love of god: Day one of film
It is not straight. I can’t tolerate lopsided pictures. This is day one of disposable camera photo extravaganza. I relearned Read more.
About that black and white
I have said a few times I am not in control of this adventure. This photo is the result of Read more.
Scary things
I painted the backdrop this book sits upon. In its entirety it looks like an Easter egg died, scary. I Read more.
And one stood above them all
This weekend I went to three openings at three different places. Walker’s Point, Museum of Wisconsin Are (also where todays Read more.
I guess we all have a past
What is in name? Well for Canon cameras it is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercury and means something along the Read more.
Limited World
Growing up in Wisconsin is a sheltered upbringing. Growing up in Oak Creek, WI is a sheltered youth even by Read more.
Me? I am just going to go play with dog toys.
In the last year I have met several people that I find extraordinary. I take great pride in being 3.5 Read more.
There are other ways
Yesterday I was told I had two hours to make this photo into a print. It didn’t happen but it Read more.
Why do you love that fish?
Odd question right? This is a close up of a glass fish’s eye. The inside of the glass fish is Read more.
Please pardon my dust around this site. I really can’t say there are changes going on because that is nearly Read more.
Toys, everyone should have them everywhere
Toys are a gateway to creativity, laughter, light heartedness and so many more good things. Toys belong in all parts Read more.
A good coffee was sacrificed
I started out with a piece of plywood. I sanded it all smooth like. I brewed some dark mud like Read more.
Most times when I get a new idea I play around with it. Yesterday, I played around and got a Read more.
It’s the little things
Life is funny. In the middle (why worry too much about the end) it’s the little things that are adding Read more.
It’s a really bad picture, worst ever maybe.
You wake up, you have a plan, you are ready to go and then the plan did not even make Read more.
Instincts. Follow them.
I love this mirror. Yesterday while getting coffee the image struck me again. I followed my instincts and stopped and Read more.
Two Infections = Two Photos in one blog!
Some days are just not as easy. Doing the photo a day for this long I can tell you I Read more.
Bubonic Plague
That is Milwaukee right now. Take cover and take shelter. By shelter, I mean quarantine. I know more sick people Read more.
Before fixing the bathroom yesterday I had to run out. I took a drive down to the lighthouse. I did Read more.
And this is how I got behind again.
Every once in a while I think home ownership is not for me. Like when the shower faucet falls off. Read more.
So you want a photo shoot?
Friday I had one of my most successful shoots ever. My sister was the “client”. She wanted a professional looking Read more.
Clippy Art Sculpture Kept Me Smiling!
It is the little things in life that keep me going when I am under pressure. What fun would work Read more.
min•i•mal•ism minimal art. Any style or method, as in literature, dance, or music, that is spare, simple, and often repetitious and impersonal in tone. School of abstract painting and sculpture that emphasizes extreme simplification of form, as by the use of basic shapes and  monochromatic palettes of primary colors, objectivity. After writing about compare and contrast the other day, I got to Read more.
I would not recommend trying this
Yesterday, in our brutal cold, we had a full halo around the sun. I was alerted to this by one Read more.
Compare to see contrast
  What a delightful snowfall yesterday. It was the type of snow that clung to the trees. It also let Read more.
Film and the evils of waiting
I had recently stated that I was going to be shooting with a disposable camera. I wanted to get it Read more.
Be the Alpaca. (A bit of bad language in this one!)
About two years ago I saw this picture. Read more.
Last blog of the year!
I take time every week to see where I have been and where I am going. It keeps me on Read more.
The right song
Yesterday, I decided that I needed to make a mess. What better way than to fill the tub with water, Read more.
Choices, why make one?
Yesterday two things caught my eye for a picture. Why choose? I used both, it seemed reasonable to me. Normally, Read more.
The Avalon
It is with great pleasure that I have this picture. It is of The Avalon Theater in Milwaukee. I went Read more.
Ideas take bloom in my brain. I think I know what will come out of them. The reality of what Read more.
What a wonderful life
We all have hopes and dreams. Some are fulfilled and some are not. Looking around at the end of the Read more.
Not exactly a lava lamp…
My Crazy Aunt posted a video to another relative’s timeline yesterday.  It was full! Full of experiments that just need Read more.
It’s a chicken foot, sorry!
It is not often I feel the need to say sorry for a picture. I feel the need today. I Read more.
Oh this self-hosted blog
It makes me want to drink. Once again, I am a little behind because I broke the blog, again. It Read more.
Oh Lordy, it is a rant.
I have tons to say today.  Last night I went out looking for Christmas lights. What you see today is Read more.
I feel like I cheated
In my quest for snowy owl pictures I was determined to see it through. I would brave the cold, wait Read more.
(Insert swear words here)
Literally, swear after every other sentence. That about sums it up. In real life, I swear like a sailor. Yesterday Read more.
New Toys
I think toys are good. Remy thinks toys are good. These are the only toys she wants anything to do Read more.
I love the randomness
One guy who commented said “Alien Blood.  Seen it before.  The end of cars is near.” I never know what Read more.
Is it done?
This is the question I keep asking myself. When I work on constructed art which is anything that ends up Read more.
Brainwashing Yourself
Put a bag of kettle corn in front of me and I am done. I can’t stop eating it. Some Read more.
Some things are meant to be shared
I post a photo o day.  There are days though, so magnificent that you can’t keep the pictures to yourself.   Read more.
We have all had these days!
Yesterday was one of those black and white kind of days. It was either a good moment or it was Read more.
Black and Whites
I started out as a black and white photographer. At least that is the photography I loved to do the Read more.
Breaking the Habit
Working in a new area of the city has made it challenging to get pictures. I know that I am Read more.
The Merits of Procrastination
How does a bucket of water, firecrackers, sparklers and M88’s end up looking like this? A Wisconsin winter is the Read more.
I can’t do it. I just can’t.
Photo organization, I can’t do it.  It is really funny actually. Most artists do not like the business side of Read more.
Thanking my former self
Last year my former self decided to embrace the cold.  This year my new self set out to enjoy the Read more.
Each year I think of things differently on thanksgiving. This year I headed out in a state of dread on Read more.
Inspired Again!
I saw a video (linked below) that inspired me to no end. I just knew I had to figure this Read more.
What I am is terrified!
Being so public about my beer bottle cap floor has led to one thing; instigators! Ideas like; plan a pattern, Read more.
Oh dear lord…
I could almost imagine this was a spring time picture.  The bits of sand all wet allude to the wet Read more.
Blurred and Distorted
Insanity is the number of hours I am working.  I finally hit a night were I needed some time with Read more.
Milwaukee,  the city I love.  The weather I loath.  So far this year I have done a really good job Read more.
It’s been awhile
Every once in a while I feel the need to destroy things to make them better. This time around it Read more.
Two Texts
One never knows what will happen that will change everything.  It could be as simple as two text messages from Read more.
On the topic of hair products.
They drive me to drink.  It is ridiculous to embrace the girly in me.  I would rather learn about anything Read more.
On the hunt, in the hunt and hunting
I am on the hunt.  I am in the hunt.  I am hunting.  These are all statements I have heard Read more.
I was always pretty convinced that this kiddo hated me.  I would hold him and he would cry.  I would Read more.
What nonsense is this?
    Sunday?!?  But I thought there were no more blogs on Sunday.  Well  it turns out that Fridays are Read more.
Photo Restoration
I was so absorbed reading this book about photo restoration that I kinda took my POD picture late and it Read more.
Black and White Challenge
So, once again, you are seeing black and white pictures in a row from me.  I was challenged to do Read more.
Yesterday’s picture marks a very special occasion.  ONE FULL YEAR ON THE BLOG down and many more to come. I Read more.
Wow, talk about a zone!
Late blog today because my analytical brain took over.  I dug in deep on a topic and time flew by.  Read more.
Fisheye Fun
This is one from my experiment of doing wave photography with the fisheye lens.  What did I learn? Waves are Read more.
Learned a new trick at Splash for Halloween!
I apologize for the quality of the picture.  It is not up to my normal standard but it is the Read more.
Oh the waves!
The first video I am sitting in the car.  I was soaked as a result of the second video.  Yes, Read more.
What do you think?
Everyone else got two pictures yesterday so you guys do too.  Before grooming and after grooming shots of my doggie Read more.
Oh the warm colors of fall
In spring the color tone is still cool.  We get green for color with some splashes of color.  The trees Read more.
When less is best
There is absolutely nothing I can say here that this picture does not already say.  It might be different to Read more.
Brain Puzzles
  I thought my weak area was visual/spatial.  So I started there with brain puzzles.  I was wrong.  Oh so Read more.
Catapult you say?!?
Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places.  I went with the intent of getting brain puzzles and such Read more.
See that expression?
  That is me right now.  I am looking at my computer just like that.  I never get behind on Read more.
Convictions and Battles
We all have convictions.  We all have battles.  We all lose some of those battles and need to adjust.  That Read more.
Stirred up memories
Patterns can sometimes create a link in my brain to memories once forgotten. This picture is a chandelier at a Read more.
No time for the Devil!
I had yet another conversation with myself.  I know that is shocking.  I seem to be trying to figure out Read more.
Southern Hospitality, Grease, History and Celebrating People
Waffle Houses.  Need I say more?  Why does Wisconsin NOT have one of these on every corner?  Thank goodness they Read more.
Stone Mountain Georgia’s Ground
I have been absent for a few days.  I forgot to warn you that I was going to Atlanta.   I Read more.
Harder than it looks!
To come up with pictures during Halloween’s time of year is harder than you would expect.  I love this time Read more.
The Evolution of My Deck
The evolution of my deck is enough to make the contractor who built it sick.  It is a good thing Read more.
Over doing it? Who cares!
I love this style of picture.  Raindrops with various colors in the blurred background creates an abstract that I find Read more.
I did what?
One of my goals in photography is to do things in such a way that a viewer never can tell Read more.
One Thing
There is one thing that I have found that is surprisingly harder about being self-employed.  The POD is the hard Read more.
Well that is not the direction I was headed!
I wanted a great silhouette.  I loved the colors in this picture.  I was so focused on what I liked Read more.
Comfort Food
Biscuits, butter and some amazing jelly were on the comfort food list.  It had been a rough day.  That rough Read more.
This hippo is guilty.  He looks guilty.  Yup that would be me diffusing and deflecting.  I digress, the hippo is Read more.
Its Not a Cure All ….However…
  I have been fighting a ridiculous illness/allergy/asthma something or other.  I finally resorted to the whiskey cures all.  It Read more.
When All Else Fails
A decent animal picture will work.  I hate to say this but animals are probably the easiest pictures for me Read more.
Babies! ahhh in fall?
I am not sure how this is happening, I keep finding baby animals to take pictures of.  There are so Read more.
3 4 1 and don’t miss the cute kitten at the end!
I better understand the limitations I am under with my new schedule.  My goal is to do everything I can Read more.
About a month ago I had a blog that had a picture of a shattered mirror.  Lots of anger management Read more.
Pushing, going, trying and doing
No matter what I confront in life as a challenge I want to know that I took it as far Read more.
There is something I want
It is right past the bridge, metal and railroad stuff in this picture.  It is right behind the building.  It Read more.
That’s My Doggie
I am continually amazed how much personality she has.  Look at this pathetic little face! I may be turning into Read more.
This is a dark picture.  I think it is a very dark picture.  There are lots of shadows, harsh angles Read more.
While I would ride a bike on railroad tracks ..
I would not park on RR tracks.  It seems to me that this is all pretty obvious.  What you do Read more.
Learning new tricks
Imagine this:  Sunset is 6:49pm.  You start a photo shoot outside at 7:10.  You have no light.  The group you Read more.
Resisting Temptation
You know I want inside this building.  I want to see all the nooks and crannies of the disintegrating inside.  Read more.
On the topic of improvement
I am a bit late on blogs and I am sorry for that.  My lungs decided to collapse under the Read more.
Puppies… Happiness… Puppies
  I can’t for the life of me figure out how I got so lucky.  Puppies!  Three amazing, ridiculous and Read more.
Who cares about shadows and crossroads?
Dwell all you want upon the crossroads you are at.  Take time to reflect on all the shadows you want.  Read more.
It’s Candy Corn Time!
Indulge a little! Candy Corn is right up there with my favorite one time of year things.  Once a year Read more.
The Quiet Spot
With so much going on, art reps looking at my work, road trips, lots of projects and just life, a Read more.
Rainy dreary days make for the best reflections
I know I have said this repeatedly but I love shooting in the rain.  The reflections you see in the Read more.
Being a photographer who always has my camera with me I am always looking for multiple reasons for anywhere I Read more.
Intersections and Reflections
  Looking at this picture is sort of a weird thing.  Is there one building, two buildings or what?  How Read more.
Dumb Things That Make Me Smile!
Car wash pictures tickle me.  I have been known on blue days to go through a car was just for Read more.
Faking It
Another thing that the POD does is deviate from the plan.  That plan yesterday was for some band pictures.  Due Read more.
Mad Scientist
The art of mad scientist works well on photos.  Sometimes you just have to take what you got and find Read more.
Its a complicated lovely life
Yesterday proved to be a hectic day again.  I was lucky it was raining and the reflections were all just Read more.
Little Phone Lenses
I thought these lenses would be so cool.  Just for those moments I want to embrace my cell phone camera.  Read more.
The ongoing anger management piece of work continues with yesterday’s POD.    I am taking my time and going slow with Read more.
Channeling that rage
I had rage yesterday.  I knew it was going to hit sooner or later.  I was hoping that the rage Read more.
It is actually a song from the Last of the Mohicans at least with this spelling.  That was a bit Read more.
Time is a funny thing
Time is a funny thing.  This branch is from the earlier Willow Tree Pictured.  I am going to turn it Read more.
Wild Rabbit
It’s there in the back of your head On your shoulder. behind your eyes. Lurking in the corner of the Read more.
But are you listening?
Years ago I used to play Silent All These Years by Tori Amos on repeat for days at a time.  Read more.
Time Warp
I saw this tunnel structure and immediately felt like I could be drawn into a time warp.  I had to Read more.
The Willow Tree
The Willow Tree Growing up this Willow Tree was my safe place.  Don’t ask me why I always called it Read more.
The Good Ole Rusty Truck
It caught my attention. It’s just a good ole rusty truck picture.  It is also the picture that put me Read more.
Da Rules
I have rules.  I break rules.  I gently remind myself to follow the rules.  I fail.  Then I call myself Read more.
Failure is not an option
This  is my arsenal or at least part of it.  This is my what if pile or at least part Read more.
Its hearts not a flower picture!
I am always amazed how nature points out the important things.  This could be a flower picture on the surface.  Read more.
With a little help I can make a metaphor out of anything!
I posted a picture of Scotch Eggs yesterday.  These eggs were so amazing they deserved a spot in the POD.  Read more.
Defining your role
In the last few weeks or months I have heard something a few times that really makes me think about Read more.
Nap Taker!
I love a good nap.  There is nothing wrong with a good nap.  I think it comes down to knowing Read more.
Minneapolis: A very visual town!
Some cities just get it.  Minneapolis seems to understand being a visual city.  This is a city I could roam Read more.
Go forth and be amazed (8-15-2014)
I happen to really love sticker art around the different cities I visit.  My trip to Minneapolis this last weekend Read more.
Jump then Focus
Having something of a goal to keep you focused is an amazing thing. Especially when you decide to jump a Read more.
And so year three comes to a close
It is crazy to think I have been posting a photo a day for three full years now.  Yes, there Read more.
Breaking Glass
Some days I find something very therapeutic about breaking glass.  Some days I find something soothing about destroying something I Read more.
Enjoy the now, the very next moment might be chaos
Last night I went to see couple of bands play.  It was a great night.  I had this bar on Read more.
Dreams I had a dream about a guardian angel a few weeks back.  In the dream the guardian angel was Read more.
Guest Photographer! Pixologie: 2200 photos!
A year and a half ago I returned from the most amazing trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I returned with Read more.
Give yourself a break today
That is exactly what I am doing today.  Today I just have nothing in me for the blog.  I could Read more.
It is the little things!
It is the little things The POD (photo o day) started what seems like an eternity ago.  Each of the Read more.
Sometimes you just have to give up.
I give up on sleep. When I woke up at 5am wide awake, I gave up.  I grabbed Remy and Read more.
Rain, rain make my colors pop!
I know that many photographers do not like to shoot in cloudy or rainy situations. I am not the photographer.  Read more.
The State of My Blog
Stop, go and proceed with caution adequately describes my website/blog photographically.   Just when you think it’s a clear green light, Read more.
Ingrated, intergrated or yellow flower ingrated. (8/1/2014)
I think I am really looking at how all sorts of different things blend together.  Blame my analytical brain if Read more.
What?! Right errr… write a blog?
I am not sure I am qualified today to write a blog.  First off the picture kind of trips me Read more.
Only one direction, up!
Last night I used a picture from the day before.  I try very hard not to do this.  Insomnia has Read more.
Question and Action
I would love to say I have no questions, who wouldn’t. Life would be less amusing without questions though.  I Read more.
Weather Bug and Getting Lucky
I use waves often in my art work.  You will not recognize the waves in most of the pictures by Read more.
Guest Photographer: Girl Crush!
Well I was covered in paint and it truly was the photo of the day.  As I am learning and Read more.
The most screwed up peak into my brain space yet …
I have split ideas today.  Too many of them.  My mind is racing. So let’s start at thought number one. Read more.
Out of Control
I am clearly out of control on a current situation, and have been for some time.  I probably never had Read more.
Give In, not give up.
You never know what will work well together.  If you don’t try it out you will never know.  This picture Read more.
Gardens or my lack of one.
I have a ton of friends who garden.  I don’t.  The allergies suggest that not gardening is a good idea.  Read more.
We take memories, store them in our brains and make them larger than life.  Memories can be so built up Read more.
Jack White and being in the moment
I hardly need to say a word about his music.  It speaks for itself.  I can say I love the Read more.
Take time to paint the daisies.
Apparently my love of the daisy has returned in full force.   I painted an abstract painting yesterday.  The daisies became Read more.
I wish, no I don’t …
If only life had signs like this … Life is hard work.  I saw this sign; my first thought was Read more.
Love, oh so explosive
Love is explosive and love can hurt ridiculously. But dam if love is not the most amazing brilliant thing in Read more.
 te·na·cious adjective \tə-ˈnā-shəs\  : not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong Old Salt Union is a ridiculous string Read more.
Synchronicity, It Happens
These rowers practice every day at this location I sit at.  It’s beautiful to see them glide through the water.  Read more.
I cheated myself
Every day I go down by Lake Michigan and have some me time.  I try to shut out the world, Read more.
Why make a choice if you don’t have to?
I live right on an alley.  This alley is magical in summer.  There are numerous people who grow flowers.  These Read more.
Gonna have to try this out
Just one time I want to see if I can walk this wheel.  It looked like this guy, Melvin, was Read more.
Want More!
When I was a 5th grader I wanted to collect something, anything.  It all started when my sister’s godmother, who Read more.
Today you do not get to read about the actual POD picture, nope it’s all mine.  The thing about it Read more.
Grrrr…. (and a little laugh too)
I had an idea.  I thought it was a really good idea.  I thought the picture would turn out cool Read more.
Letting Go
It was literally time to clean out my closet.  I rewarded myself afterword with a really good rum and coke.  Read more.
The Art of Imperfection
This picture is a few pictures blended together.  Much like people are blended together from all of their experiences in Read more.
There are some who would say this picture should never have been taken.  Mostly these people are technical photographers.  I Read more.
I have spent the last ten days not posting a POD picture on Facebook.  For the blog I have been Read more.
I love quotes on plaques.  I love awesome quotes. This one is particularly good for me today.  I remember the Read more.
Water drops and Fireworks
Not long after I started the POD I became fascinated with water drop pictures.  It took weeks to figure out Read more.
That Spark and the power of anger
About a week ago I decided to take a break and figure out what was going on with the POD.  Read more.
It’s Gone, just like that.
I can’t even make up some of the stories in my life.  I can thank photography for that.  So this Read more.
Life truths that need re-writing
Some days I rage against the standard line.  You know those life truths that need to be banned.  They are Read more.
2 years to plot the new tradition!
Feb 29, 2012 that was the week I really started to experiment with time-lapse and different moving things.  Some of it Read more.
This is an oldie but goodie on the first day of the hostage on the POD.  Keep on moving is Read more.
No Ransom note … yet.
Yup, that is right you read that right.  The POD has been taken hostage.  In fact I am the one Read more.
For science, for art and mostly for the love of color.
When I talk about my arsenal of tools I mean something very specific.  Tools allow me to make sure the Read more.
Milwaukee is just gone.
I am not sure why this has not made the news yet.  One would think that when almost an entire Read more.
The best cupcakes
A few years ago I met these two amazing ladies.  They, too, have helped me to grow artistically and personally.  Read more.
Dancing is good for the soul!
Especially when you are alone at home and no one can see you dancing serves a very primal need.  I Read more.
In a galaxy not so far away …
The force is out of balance.  It is so far out of balance that Yoda just fell over in laughter. Read more.
On the Evils of Pandora
This is not yesterday’s POD picture.  It is one I took late at night while raging at Pandora.  The thing Read more.
Choices … Not the picture I wanted or Preoccupied?
I could go two ways with today’s blog.  I could tell you how I missed the shot I really wanted Read more.
Happiness might be for lazy people, it’s just less work.
This blog is 100% metaphorical.  I rejoice in offering up no apologies for that fact.  The issue with the blog Read more.
If at first you do not succeed….
Keeping trying.  That is exactly what the skaters do at the skate park.  It really is that easy. They keep Read more.
The horrid video project it turns out was rather fun.
I had a goal back in the beginning of the year to have an artist video done.  I raged against Read more.
Wow .. Late Blog!
I got caught up today in the POD for today.  So the blog, well it took a back burner.  I Read more.
Indonesian Junk and the Art of Joy
Late last night we hit the road.  The girl crush and I surprised her boyfriend who was playing at a Read more.
Paper Plates and Paint and Edits
I started with 16 large paper plates and 6 small paper plates.  I had 7 colors of blue paint, one Read more.
Emotions are the tie that binds
I believe we all choose to stand out or not stand out.  Sometimes we let our stereotypes define us. These Read more.
Simpler Things
I love phone booths.  I love simpler times.  My day job is not so simple at the moment.  Don’t get Read more.
I hate not succeeding.  I love challenges.  So does that mean I love to not succeed so that I am Read more.
On Being Gentle
I recently posted on Facebook a cover photo that has a flower from a Bodhi-tree.  I added the saying do Read more.
The original POD was a toy … Sometimes we don’t think straight.   We try to get our heads on straight.  Read more.
Kandinsky at MaM
My two favorite artists are Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock.  I thought it would be years before I would see Read more.
Another tree
I was disappointed when the pic ended up being this one.  I had a bunch of shots with people in Read more.
Oh those paths … never know where they are gonna take you.
Yesterday was a day that was a turning point for me.  I woke up with what was more than likely Read more.
All it takes is a girl crush!
So I avoided taking a picture of this spectacularly cute rusty sculpture.  Why, you ask?  I seem to have certain Read more.
What is your cause?
We all stand for different things.  We all have a cause of some sort, hopefully.  This lovely dog and her Read more.
Family Pics
Great family or people pics start and end with catching people in the moment.  No poses.  No Smile on three.  Read more.
I got your back.
A few years ago my stepson started using this saying on me “I got ur back”.  Little did he realize Read more.
Take a moment today ..
I love to take pictures like this.  More than likely this one will become a part of my tree series.  Read more.
For the Love of your Inner Child!
Dandelions have a huge part in my childhood.  Rubbing them under your chin could mean you liked boys or butter Read more.
Rainy Milwaukee Days
Rainy days bring about the most amazing shimmer.  In that shimmer lies the most amazing play of colors.  The colors Read more.
Things that Mock Me
These songs haunted me all day.  They followed me around the house, cleaned with me, stayed in my brain and Read more.
Nice weather, but remember …
The bad weather is officially gone. Enjoy your long weekend.  Most importantly though remember this: Thanks to the All that Read more.
Oh My! I got it!
I have been working on late night pictures like this one for years.  For some reason I just never nailed Read more.
Coffee … A must.
Perfect coffee picture for the moment Coffee is a staple in my life.  This year it became another way to Read more.
The Return of Happiness
The Return of Happiness Rarely when I set out for a very specific picture do I find it.  I am Read more.
Hazy days, Lilies of the Valley and the Number 42
This picture caught my attention because of the couple walking along in the hazy morning light.  Little did I know Read more.
On eggs, aggression and art
Grab your tarps, hang them up and then go get some eggs.  Punch a hole at the top of the Read more.
Fight to the Master Piece
So these guys are fierce in my opinion.  These little fighting guys tickle me every time I see them.  At Read more.
I love wood carvings that are moody.  I am not into the eagles and the bears and such.  Gnomes and Read more.
Jurustic Park
There is an oddly known era called the iron era.  Amazing creature come from that era.  Their remains can be Read more.
Dr. Evermore’s Futuretron
Just outside of Baraboo, WI is a surplus story that is awesome beyond all imagination.  Behind the surplus store is Read more.
I cheated.
I set out with certain rules on the POD.  They are very simply rules. Post a photo a day.  The Read more.
Desire, Believe and Achieve
When you set a goal you can reach a goal.  My only goal was a happy picture.  A picture where Read more.
I only have one goal today.
Suspicious things are just suspicious.  On 6/27/2011 I took a POD picture of the parking structure where I work.  There Read more.
I had an MRI yesterday on my hand.  No news.  This bark is how I felt after.  How does bark Read more.
On influences and war.
  You never know when a new influence will show up in your work. It is also impossible to plan Read more.
For some reason painting is the shout of joy from my inner kid.  It’s therapeutic, fun and makes me smile Read more.
No Regrets … Not ever.
Absolutely everything I do is with one motto in mind above all other mottoes.  No Regrets!  I will not allow Read more.
My story of trees
Trees have always been a safe place for me.  When I was a kid (troubled at that) there was a Read more.
From WI and Milwaukee and proud of it!
You can hear us roar in the summer.  Milwaukee is the home of Harley Davidson.  I state the obvious once Read more.
Blackbird Bar
This was my expression as I looked around Blackbird Bar in Bay View.  The art work was awesome on the Read more.
The Nikon S1 was recently added to the family arsenal of cameras. My Dad purchased it and is kindly wonderfully Read more.
It is JUST a sign.
It is an obvious sign as well.  Let us consider for a moment that this is theoretical or symbolism.  This Read more.
Add color and add your motto!
White seems to get to me.  Its so devoid of life. Sao my half cast had to be jazzed up.  Read more.
Yup, This is not my wrist … but it is way more interesting!
When we have a valuable relationship with someone we see the best in them. It’s appalling to see the best Read more.
And there was cake.
Truth be known I  love to find a great (meaning any reason) for cake.  Last night I celebrated the 1,000 Read more.
If there is a will ….
Left editing has proven surprising. It’s actually possible that I am better at lefty than I am at righty, at Read more.
I’d say no fear .. but really face the fear seems better.
I actually am one of those girls who likes to watch MMA.  I used to be on top of all Read more.
Chocolate Covered Nuts
Is that worry, fear or concern in this owls face? All of the above? Maybe it is determination.   I never Read more.
Shades of Gray
The farther away a picture gets since I took it the harder it is to write about.  So I thought Read more.
Let the Good Times Roll
In Japanese culture this cat has several meanings.  It is a welcoming cat. It represents fortune, luck and prosperity. There Read more.
A Well Earned Guinness
My week in review:  Every awful ex showed back up in my life this week. My Exhibition opened. I broke Read more.
It was tough but I got it. Today I am working on getting into a hand specialist. At one point Read more.
Finding my inner Dragon
Dragons are all about strength and power. Little did I know how symbolic this inner need would become. I broke Read more.
Its just a door, really.
This is the picture that I could come up with too many symbolic senses of meaning and importance. The honest Read more.
Composition and other deep thoughts
Photographers are often criticized for framing. I can name a few people who would say this one is framed badly. Read more.
Slow Down! (I mean me not you!)
  Hurry up, get going, keep moving and for the love of all that is good in the world do Read more.
Winter in Spring
Winter In Spring Yes that is correct.  This was just yesterday 4/15/2014.  I have no words, literally. 🙂 Gotta tell Read more.
Broken to add improvement   <<<< Song for the moment if you so choose! Some days breaking stuff seems like just the right Read more.
Horicon Marsh and a needed break from reality.
I think life really takes a different path when you have standards and priorities in order. I have not been Read more.
Legend, Urban Myth and the Witch’s House
There is an old legend in Milwaukee about the “Witches House”.  The house was actually an artist’s home.  The property Read more.
The Music Man
I am a firm believer of passing the arts down to the younger generations. I love to support it when Read more.
Onward towards the Adventure
Ships make my day. Symbolically they are about a journey. For the last four years I have been on a Read more.
It’s Just a Shoe!
I might be stating the obvious on this particular POD picture. Yesterday was the beginning of a countdown. I have Read more.
On Being Tough
Recent events have caused me to look at a certain situation and say sometimes you just have to stand your Read more.
  I went to the capitol of the state yesterday.  I had an occasion to be there for a Gallery Read more.
For Today …. Just Stop
Find a moment today where you stop long enough for things to become clear. We move so fast from thing Read more.
Cartoons and Reality
Cartoons are fictional things, right? You can do anything you want with them. This picture was taken on a dark, Read more.
Abstract Photography
I love abstract photography.  It is an element in all of my creative visual artwork.  Experimenting around with photography ends Read more.
Insomnia… Ugh.
  I think a bunch or creative types have this happen. The overload of energy. To much energy is equated Read more.
The Camera Just Knows
  The business side of art can take up a ton of time. Some days it is difficult to get Read more.
I want it all now and I want a cupcake too!
Impulse control is at an all-time low today, maybe. Patience is at an even lower all time low today. I Read more.
There is something about the VA Grounds
There is something about the Clement J Zablocki VA hospital grounds. I love to photograph these grounds. The amount of Read more.
Grumpy Boat
I think the weather has gotten to the boats too. As much as I am happy to have the snow Read more.
Fishing and Parental Unit Support
A picture can say 1000 words. Sometimes it takes more than one picture to say 1000 words. If you could Read more.
The shimmer that made me mad.
I get upset with myself when I can’t remember what the last few PODs were. If I can’t remember them Read more.
I Want Proof of Life!
I wanted a Robin. Just some proof of life for spring. I know Mother Nature is holding spring hostage. I Read more.
Where my mind is not
  My mind is not on the photo of the day. My mind is on the two topics that seem Read more.
The Power of a Picture
It is called multitasking.  The animals had needs.  Remy, the 7lbs spoiled rotten doggie, needed more spoiling.  Glorie, the mutant Read more.
My way of saying things are piling up!
I find it funny that there almost always is a picture to describe the day.  This picture is exactly that.  Read more.
Happy …errrr… Spring!?
Spring is the time of new growth, thawed lakes and ponds, warmer weather and happier times … Or Not. Who Read more.
Beauty Before Fear
In Milwaukee we have a bridge.  It is called the Hoan Bridge.  I love this bridge and what it does Read more.
Artistic Journals
Today’s blog POD is an odd ball one for me.  It a moment of complete distraction it was 8pm and Read more.
There are days
There are just some days were painting makes it all better.  I lost my keys, they are still lost.  I Read more.
Advancing skills of any kind may mean starting at the basics. Doodling is a basic. It is teaching me to Read more.
Learning Curves
It seems that I have a few learning curves.  The beer capades at this point are the least of my Read more.
What the hell just happened here?
Yesterday’s picture was about as frustrating as updating my blog today.  The problem I had yesterday was being tired.  I Read more.
Spray Paint, Inspiration, Quarters and Survival!
I have this picnic table out on my back deck.  Last summer it became an evolving piece of creativity.  Countless Read more.
If only pigeons could paint
It’s the kind of picture that makes me want to spice things up.  Serenity is good.  Peace is good.    I Read more.
It’s not about the trees!
A pre-spring sunrise holds the promise of so many beautiful things.  The weather report, on the other hand, was the Read more.
The Art of Doing Nothing
We all have to recharge sometime.  Especially when you are busy doing nothing is actually doing something.  I need reminders Read more.
Absolutely Freaking Fearless!
This picture is a bit of scene from a company called Pixologie.  In the picture are my Grandparents and my Read more.
Lose Yourself
Keeping the eye on the prize at times is difficult.  No matter what happens or how bad a day is Read more.
This is not a winter picture
This picture falls under the line of it’s not the best picture but the moment rocks.  I have never seen Read more.
If winter had color we would all be a little less upset.  The sterile white look has got to go. Read more.
To Battle!
I am in rebellion.  I refuse to post winter pictures anymore.  This is not the end of me embracing winter.  Read more.
Taking the easy path
  It’s my sculpture made out of garden tools.  Since I have no green thumb I think the sculpture is Read more.
Static Much?
I set out to do the blog and keep to a very simple set of rules.  The blog would be Read more.
Celebrate a bit and slack off!
  This is just one of those shots that was meant to get me through a POD.  At the very Read more.
Where does it all end and begin?
I think after the last few days of creative overload that is the question I am asking myself.  I think Read more.
Shoot outside of your box
I and some of my co-workers started a monthly contest for photography about 8 years ago.   I got it rolling Read more.
What an amazing winter!
The first time I saw a coopers hawk outside my window at work I took 178 pictures of it.  That Read more.
What draws us in
  This is not my normal subject matter.  I was drawn to this sculpture.  The city had somewhere around 10 Read more.
I was lucky while recently taking a day to just not worry about anything to find this face.  It looks Read more.
I want what I can’t have!!!
Crazy people do crazy amazing things.  There is a guy in Baraboo, WI that has created Dr. Evermore’s Futuretron.  You Read more.
The ridiculous beer updates
I have in my possession now about 2,100 beer bottle caps.  This is progress.  It is a bit slow going Read more.
It’s Ice
At least it is blue ice. This ice was chunked out and put on the parking lot.  No Rosies were Read more.
Its just a bunch of circles!
My deep side would say “Ahhhh, I have just shed light on the circles of my life” regarding this picture. Read more.
Oh that hat reminds me!
The mentor I work with has certain guidelines.  When he wares this hat he says it is time to take Read more.
Seemingly Unconnected …
Pinecones, keys and dominoes have nothing in common.  Except that in this work of art they all seem to connect Read more.
The Devil Inside
Two of my favorite things in a nonsensical way in the same picture is fun.  There is nothing wrong with Read more.
Mad Genius!
Walking into the studio of my printer is like being transported to another dimension.  The art work is eclectic and Read more.
Alive and Kicking
Insert Simple Minds here) … oh ok I will. Sometimes dealing with me is difficult or troublesome for various Read more.
Breaking the Law
Photographers get really intense about their laws.  Some days it makes me ridiculously mad.  Today’s blog POD was one of Read more.
I Just Want Some Color!
Shapes are so disorienting in mass numbers.  It gets harder and harder to see what the shapes actually are.   There Read more.
Dead Roses
I actually like dead roses the best of all roses, which is not saying much because I really do not Read more.
Priorities, Birthdays and Blood Mary Culinary Art
Yesterday was my stepson’s 21st birthday.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I used to say that four turns Read more.
Rose of Sharyn
More often than not I listen to music.  Once in a while a video comes along where I want to Read more.
My Bowling Ball! …. claiming ownership.
In life we need to claim ownership to many different things.  The fastest way to make something happen is claiming Read more.
Enjoy the Chips and Salsa Life Offers You.
There are some topics I really detest talking about.  There are some battles in my brain that are very deep Read more.
Every were you look there are signs.  Sometimes we don’t even see them.  Other times they are completely unexpected and Read more.
Die Happy Snow Man!
The following is a list of things I have contemplated during this cold, frigid, dark and dank winter. Killing snowmen.  Read more.
Pop Culture, fun and laughter
Artists have to be the artist they are.  If I could have chosen what type of artist I wanted to Read more.
The top secret sauce affair
My life goes in trends.  It seems like it always has and it always will.  The last couple of days Read more.
Putting out fires
That was the story of my weekend.  Computer implosion recover was in progress and in high gear all weekend.  Things Read more.
Its not a beer can, it’s a can of happiness.
There is one reason alone I took this picture.   I could tell you it’s a minimalistic study on decay in Read more.
  I find it amusing that the ladies head is coming out of the lamp shade.   For some reason this Read more.
Repition is ok … Ruts are bad.
  I keep coming across bits of scene that demand to be the photo of the day.   Sometimes the photos Read more.
The strength in support
Getting just over half of the final show pieces in one day is exciting.  Seeing it all come together is Read more.
Coldpocalypse Satire
Day 74 It has been 74 days now since the world froze over.  Writing and keeping track of this grueling Read more.
The Walking Selfie
Mutually beneficial creativity is a creative turn on for me.  I feel this overwhelming need to explore all different types Read more.
Snow Angel and a bonus pic too!
Some days when things are just not as they should be doing something crazy is the best approach.  Let me Read more.
Pictures paint a picture
  The process of the POD has led to some sub groups of pictures.  Trees, garbage cans, picnic tables, patterns Read more.
Things that get in my way.
Blockades get in my way.  Sometimes I put them up.  Sometimes I take them down.  Other times, the majority of Read more.
Winter Polar Vortex 2.5
  Today’s blog is brought to you by round 2.5 of the winter polar vortex.  It’s too bad that the Read more.
Who’s Vern? I am sure I would like to meet him!
    One of the most special places in Milwaukee is Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall.  On any night there you Read more.
I will attempt to prove my point.
One of my major influences in photography happens to be my boss.  He might be a technical master behind the Read more.
Look its the spring fairy!
I suspect that winter rage is turning into winter frustration.  There is a distinction between the two.  Times like this Read more.
Steampunk _ Straight from Urban DictionarySteampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian Read more.
I see Aliens.
I see an alien in here.  This picture makes me want to add and twist it.  It is as weird Read more.
On Love/Hate … warning this is a tad whiny.
On the topic of Love/Hate I love the pictures I have gotten in the last 63 days of embracing the Read more.
The Comfort Zone Cliff
  I am fascinated with pop culture type art.  I love urban expressions.  Both in one while in Chicago without Read more.
The Jim Jones Revue
There is something so entrancing to me about watching the creative zone other creative types get into.  I am utterly Read more.
1913 beers and 90,000 beer bottle caps
I started to write the blog and quickly realized that it really does not matter how this all came about. Read more.
Ink blots, clouds and odd visual tricks of the imagination
Let your mind wonder.  Let your eyes go in and out of focus on this picture.  It is trippy.  It Read more.
On breaking the law and other risks
Unless you want to break the law, which I am not recommending in the dead of winter when it is Read more.
I effing love science!
Combining ideas of art and science is a bit risky.  I cant help but do it.  Here we have the Read more.
I got nothing!
Well I do have clichés.  The stairway to success is never ending.  Coming out of the darkness is grand.  Coming Read more.
Nope, I am not a nature photographer
Time and time again I have said I draw from nature in my photography and art.  It is a very Read more.
Soooo you want to have a showing?
Taking an idea and turning it into something like an art showing is not for the faint of heart.  This Read more.
Crayons are the army of the true rebellion!
I often wonder why we have teaching creativity so wrong.  We box kids in from the start. Color in the Read more.
Unexpected Fun at -40 degrees.
One of the things I do not talk about too much is how many photos it can take to get Read more.
Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.
This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  Read more.
Big Boy and nature helping each other out.
This yard is one that I have attempted a few times.  It is so busy.  There is so much going Read more.
This ice cave took weeks to form.  I am here every day almost.  I was watching  for it, waiting for Read more.
-2 Degrees ? Say it Ain’t So!
There is a point of cold that is ridiculous.  Of course this level of cold has to hit on the Read more.
More of the same with a different view
I am not sure if this reminds me of a class room or a cafeteria in high school.  Either way Read more.
Happy New Year!
I find that the New Year is less about resolutions for than it is cleaning up my different lists of Read more.
Ahh the myth of the perfect plan
  Ahh the myth of the perfect plan! You can have a perfect plan.  Rarely does it work out.  If Read more.
Black and Whites and New Influences
Moody Black and Whites I have been watching a two people for a little bit.  They have the most stunning Read more.
And then it became a Rob Zombie kinda day.
Once a month or so I am going to post as the POD picture an artistic work.  It’s the accumulation Read more.
At one point I was swearing at these trees
I have been told that to truly photography anything really well you have to get past the point of anger Read more.
The Power of Girl Talk and Maker’s Mark
I have been accused of being overly focused on getting shots and having my camera with me at almost all Read more.
Thailand at the begining of 2013 and dominoes falling into 2014!
When I visited Chiang Mai, Thailand in late January of this year I went knowing that this year was going Read more.
Cats and excellent timing!
We, cats and I, do not get along.  They love me because they know they can kill me.  This kitty Read more.
4750 Santas … No really there is!
You know when you get a text early in the morning from your stepson’s girlfriend saying “We did it because Read more.
Never underestimate the stupidity of stupid people
  I fail to understand why people do some things.  For example leaving this entertainment center in the middle of Read more.
Counterfeiting is not an art!
Counterfeiting is not an art. I struggled today with which picture to post for my picture a day.  I had Read more.
Subtle Differences
There is not much I like about winter weather.  Frost on the car windows is one thing I love.  No Read more.
Comfort and the holidays
  I could talk about the holidays on this picture.  The holidays though are a personal thing for everyone.  Everyone Read more.
  I love pictures that have a catch to them.  Oh the fun and color of the kites…. Oh wait Read more.
Modge Podge .. because it feels good to say those words.
Today’s picture is brought to you by acrylic paint, painters tape and spray paint with a little additional help from Read more.
Pool and Light
  I really do not like being in bright rooms, bright day light or any bright situation to begin with.  Read more.
That old building
I love this building.  It is in one of the nicer parks near Milwaukee.  In the past I have only Read more.
Aliens are just easier.
As I am preparing for my upcoming show I am finding that there are a few parts of this that Read more.
The Power of a Chocolate Root Beer Float
To say I can be stubborn is an understatement.  I am driven and I don’t always think about slowing down.  Read more.
Maybe I didn’t care.
Maybe I was still experimenting with distortions.  Maybe I am fascinated with frost on a window.  Maybe this is the Read more.
Distortion and Alice in Wonderland
    This picture is the start of me looking for distortions in ever day life. I love to manipulate Read more.
Art Wolfe and Inspiration
I am a fan of Art Wolfe.  I think his photography is absolutely stunning.  I have a habit of trying Read more.
To be continued …..
As Promised …. The beauty in black and white is unmistakable when it is handle right. If you have the Read more.
My Little Demon that I Love!
This is my dog.  When I say dog what I really mean is my cat who thinks she is a Read more.
Body Language!
  I love being in the zone.  It is that creative place where everything else is just gone.  All that Read more.
My Dad Inspires Me!
My Dad recently was accepted into the Cope 7th Annual Midwest Juried show here in Milwaukee.  This led to a Read more.
What I wanted was not so hard.  I wanted a night time skyline, not dusk, not dawn, night time.  I Read more.
Iron Maiden to Faith No More … Sounds grim or does it
I learned all I know about fear from Iron Maiden.  I used to want to run to the hill, run Read more.
My camera is my security blanket
My camera is with me 90% of the time. If it is not with me, it is planned.  In the Read more.
Pheasants, wood ducks and other things that inspire
The most ridiculous conversation I have had in weeks started out with a simple visit to Bong Recreational Park.  Who Read more.
You can’t skate where the buffalo roam!
You can however stomp around in the mud get a little messy and smell some awful things while getting the Read more.
Some People are Nuts.
  I have been very lucky in meeting people the last several years that are absolutely crazy.  It is amazing.  Read more.
Wooly Mammoths!
Wow! Dog sitting has left me exhausted.  This wooly mammoth is the cuddliest dog in the world.  I love to Read more.
Sometimes Less Is Best
I have never posted a picture anything like this.  I will admit that it pushes what is ok right over Read more.
Turkey Day! Things to be thankful for, the QZX and Y list.
  It is turkey day.   A day we should all be thankful for things.  I am going to go with Read more.
Selfies of the artistic kind
I always thought that self-portraits of the artistic kind were odd.  The artist puts into an image something they feel Read more.
Sybolism and Garbage Cans
Symbolism and Garbage Cans For the past few years I have taken pictures of garbage cans.  I find something inviting Read more.
Personal Attachments and Infrared Photography
I was out experimenting with two ideas I had on ways to achieve IR photography in a different way.  There Read more.
Does it matter how it is created?
I have an internal battle going on.  This battle is caused by the external world.  What makes something art?  Is Read more.
I want to be closed for the Season!
Closed for the season does not mean the fun ends.  It just means there is no place to make a Read more.
Pushing the Limits
This picture was shot at 4pm. I was out during good light still with the thought that I would like Read more.
There are moments in life where the POD is very difficult to do.  Chaos ensues and the POD suffers.  That Read more.
When all else fails toys help!
Hospitals have, in bad situations, only one redeeming quality.  This toy.  I can’t help but feel just a tad better Read more.
Who cares where the winding road goes?
Personally I like the straight forward road to the left.  Yes, it is steeper.  Yes it is more dangerous.  However, Read more.
The power, beauty and destruction of nature
Nature.  Nature is the best artist.  A day with no nature is a day without oxygen for me.  So many Read more.
Frome Fear Comes Euphoria
I have two scary topics today.  I am cleaning up my hard drive messes. You know the messes any photographer Read more.
Bonnie Tyler and Faster than the Speed of Night
Some days I post another picture or two into an album on Facebook entitled “Because I can post more than Read more.
Life is a distraction
If the boat is symbolic of a journey or adventure then the birds are symbolic in this picture of the Read more.
Oh by the way I won’t give up ….
  You have a dream, a goal or a desire.  You are told that if it is really worth it Read more.
Markers and Internal Conflicts
Some pictures that show up in the POD are marker pictures.  By publically posting these markers I can keep myself Read more.
Nature of the Beast
Today so far has not been easier than yesterday.  That is the nature of the beast.  Yesterday was as simple Read more.
The Zone and Squeels of Delight.
There are moments in my life that I am not covered in paint or burrs from treking around for the Read more.
Genuine Happiness Starts with a Little Rebellion
      Back in high school I was not a model student.  That is where the 2nd stage of Read more.
Rubber, carts and art of creepy
The movie Rubber is so strange. This tire is inanimate until the day it suddenly comes alive.  This tire finds Read more.
Some hazy days
  Some days its nice to make hazy even more hazy.  The idea of remembering that day of fishing on Read more.
Failure is not an option that happens anyway.
I love to play in puddles.  There is nothing more soul rejuvenating.  So it is natural, for me, to want Read more.
Blurred Lines
Life is blurred lines.  Right, wrong or is it Robin Hood?  My constructed works require that I blur lines even Read more.
Sour Watermelon slices and the art of doing what you love.
Doing what you love is reward enough.  Its funny then that doing what you love pays off in ways you Read more.
Salad Time.
I tend to take experiments to far or maybe not far enough.  Some days I post pictures into the POD Read more.
And so the POD continues with a blog …
It is said that everyone is on Facebook.  That my friend’s is a lie or at the very least a Read more.